Becoming a Partner

You too can help to give young musicians a promising future!

The Orpheum Foundation receives no monies from the public hand, but is exclusively financed by sponsoring, private donations and ticket sales. It enjoys non-material support from the city of Zurich, from Zurich Tourism and from the Zurich Tonhalle Society. However, in financial terms it is dependent on different forms of participation.

The Orpheum concept today receives broad recognition and has many times proven its efficacy. Its advancement programme helps highly talented musicians to find their way forward in their careers. Conductors such as Mariss Jansons are of the opinion that it is more difficult than ever today for young musicians to find recognition and to be able to live from their art. Orpheum sees the current situation of young artists as a challenge that inspires it to offer even more assistance. The Foundation would like to invite you to support the Orpheum concept and to help it to prosper. You can do this in many different ways, according to what is appropriate for you:

Giving a donation
Making a bequest